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ATTENTION: Serious Athletes and Supportive Parents Who Want To Cut Ahead the Long Line of OTHER Athletes Competing for YOUR Position and Succeed at the Next Level in Sports AND Life.


“Seattle Sports Performance and Athletic Development Coach Guarantees Increasing STRENGTH, SPEED, POWER, And MENTAL TOUGHNESS while REDUCING INJURY in as Little as 2 Days without Overtraining Or Unsafe Exercise Techniques.

Blueprint Athletic Performance is the most innovative and effective Sports Performance Training Facility in Seattle and surrounding
King County. Our top priorities are results and safety of our clients.
We Provide a COMPLETE
Athletic Development and Sports Performance Training System to Achieve Long-Term GAME-CHANGING Success.

(Results are guaranteed and space is limited.)

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Are you a supportive parent leaving nothing to chance and believe in doing everything in your power to enhance your child’s future?
Is it a benefit for your child to learn positive habits early so they can hit the ground running as they move up in sports and life in general?

Are you a serious athlete who understands and exhibits competitive drive, consistency, and commitment?
Are you ready to train harder and SMARTER than anyone or anywhere else?

If So, We ARE The Program For You To Unleash Your Full Potential and Get Ahead.

If Not, You WILL Be Left Behind.

From: Lou Kristopher, CSCS, YFS3, USAW
Blueprint Athletic Performance
Serving Seattle And Surrounding King County
(206) 763-5806

Dear Supportive Parents and Motivated Athletes,

My name is Lou Kristopher and I’m going to share something with you…

Blueprint Athletic Performance (BAP) isn’t some kind of “magical” sports performance and athletic development personal training program that will automatically make you an athletic freak – but it sure will seem like it does.

Years of experience working with clients, my own personal experience, and research went into developing the best training program so YOU can get stronger, faster, more explosive, more powerful, and mentally tougher than your competition…

I’ve personally been there –

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After getting my first Weider weight set for my birthday, I started “lifting” when I was 12…Unfortunately, no one showed me how to do it right… All through school I relied on my team coaches (who were former professional and college players), bodybuilding magazines, and the PE teachers to show me proper exercise technique and provide a safe and effective training program. But although their hearts were in the right place the problem was – they weren’t experts…

They didn’t have the necessary education to know how sports performance or athletic development really work. They only knew general fitness information and their own experience which was outdated and ineffective. This resulted in:

Blueprint Athletic Performance was created to solve these major problems to your success…

Here’s how our program stacks up against the typical athletic training/personal training choices:

With Blueprint Athletic Performance (BAP) you get:

  • Dominating Strength Power (Resulting in Superior Explosiveness and Quickness).
  • Game-Changing Multidirectional Speed Agility (Making You Stand Out to Coaches and Scouts).
  • Bulletproof Injury Reduction (Meaning Less Practice & Game Time Lost)
  • Overwhelming Mental Toughness (Blow Away Your Competition Even Before the First Play).
  • Elite Weight Training Technique (Mastering This Will Tap Into Your Full Athletic Potential).
  • Lifelong Skills For Real Health, Wellness, Weight Management

If you say YES to wanting any of these…you need to keep reading…

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Our ‘Athletic Blueprint’ is based on the following phase structure –

Phase 1 (Ages 5 – 10) – Movement Foundations and FUNdamentals:
During this phase we coach participants in a variety of non-specific exercise stimuli supporting coordination and laying the foundation for superior power and strength gains in the future as participants become older.

BAP Coaches utilize an ‘Outcome-Based Coaching’ philosophy allowing young participants to learn the FUNdamental skills of movement and build overall motor skills through an experimental based means of athletic self-discovery.

Phase 2 (Ages 9 – 14) – Transition and Learning to Train for Sport:
Similar to the Discovery phase of the BAP Athletic Blueprint Model, ‘Exploration’ is based on young participants establishing ‘athletic intelligence’ through a carefully planned programming structure allowing them to learn and comprehend both simple and complex motor skills via explorative play.

In addition, this phase also introduces an educational portion in which BAP Coaches breakdown and instruct participants on specific aspects of exercise execution.

This transition allows young participants to bridge the gap from a play model of fitness to one with more structure.

Phase 3 (Ages 13+) – Training to Compete:
This is where the most technical programmed training application takes place. This portion of the BAP Athletic Blueprint is based on solid exercise execution and fundamental training habits so each participant maximizes their respective goals, whether it’s sports performance, high-level fitness, wellness, or obesity prevention.

The first sport program in our area focusing on the overall long-term athletic development of the athlete.”

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Who is BAP for:

☛ athletes with the heart and strong will to be the best

☛ athletes who want to succeed more than anyone else

☛ athletic minded individuals wanting to get in the best shape of their life

☛ athletes motivated by the desire to improve everyday, set after set, rep after rep

Imagine How Good It Could Feel To Be:

– the strongest and most explosive athlete in the game at your position (wearing out your competition)

– the fastest and quickest athlete in the game (forcing the competition to focus on you…and still not stop you!!!)

– spending time upping your game instead of recovering from injury (giving you time to get even better while everyone else struggles to keep up)

If your serious about a sport, being a real athlete and a real player – you need to come in TODAY…



Lou Kristopher CSCS, YFS3, USAW

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